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Keep Newtown Family Safe and Animal Friendly

Oppose Deer Culls
Newtown's Tick Borne Disease Action Committee has been charged with researching tick borne disease to come up with a plan for how to reduce risk in Newtown. This committee is close to finalizing their report, which may recommend lethal deer "management' options.

There is not a single scientific study that shows kiling deer can reduce tick borne disease for mainland communities. The Tick Borne Disease Action Committee has a responsibility to produce well-researched, proven methods for disease reduction, not recommendations that will appease a small but vocal special interest group clamoring for fewer deer. As educated, taxpaying citizens, we expect nothing less.

What you can do:
Contact town officials and state representatives to voice your opposition to deer culls »more 

Sign our Petition to express your strong opposition to deer culls and "bait and shoot" programs in Newtown.
» Sign online petition: Keep Newtown Family Safe & Animal Friendly

Attend Committee Meetings
Hear first hand what committee members are discussing by attending a Tick Borne Diseases Action Committee meeting. They are open to the public and take place Wednesdays at 7:45pm at the Booth Library in Newtown
»view Committee minutes

Tell A Friend
Speak out against deer culls. Tell a friend about this website.

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It's a Fact! Killing Deer Doesn't Reduce Tick Borne Disease.
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Contact Town Officials and State Representatives and voice your opposition to deer culls.»more